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The Well-being Network is a monthly online event offering webinars that focus on Mental, Physical and/or Emotional Well-being. It is an ideal way for anyone interested in well-being to connect. Learn new things and meet like-minded people. Each month a new topic is covered in a very relaxed and friendly environment. It is a fantastic way to meet new people and share in a positive experience.

The List of Upcoming Talks

January 6th – Kickstarting 2021

How to head into 2021 and face uncertainty with confidence, courage, and control

February 1st – Love your Life

How to love everything you do in life, even the things we dread and how kindness is the key to self-care, compassion, and empathy

March 2nd - Mindfulness Made Easy

How to integrate simple and practical mindfulness exercises into your daily routine. Tools and tips for all ages.

April 7th – The Secret to The Law of Attraction

The science behind one of the 9 laws of the Universe: The Law of Vibration and how to use it to manifest your dream life!

May 5th – Managing Stress & Anxiety

How to regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours so that you can limit the effects of stress and reduce Anxiety levels. Tools and tips for all ages, including adolescents & children

June 1st – The Pursuit of Happiness: Positive Psychology

How to rewire your brain for happiness and how being happy now can impact your health, lifespan, and success.

July 6th – Live Long & Live Well

Based on the work of Peter Deadman and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) you will discover the secrets to slowing down the aging process, feeling fitter and increasing energy.

August 4th – Transform Your Mental Strength: Positive Intelligence

How to identify our Saboteurs and understand how they limit our potential. Learn how to reduce the impact of Saboteurs, return to original wisdom, and increase your mental strength.

September 7th – The Mind, Body, Energy Connection

Understand how these are connected and how to regulate them using tools, tips and therapies to soothe, nurture and repair our bodies

October 6th – Happy & Healthy Relationships

How to build a happy & healthy relationship with yourself. How to identify an unhappy or unhealthy relationship and understanding what can and cannot do to change it.

November 3rd - Keeping your Head

How to keep you head when all about you are losing theirs: How to stay grounded, calm, and sane in challenging times. Practical and simple tools to get through these times.

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