Jennie & Sue’s Foundations for Life Part One

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Welcome & Overview

Jennie & Sue’s Foundations for Life online course available to purchases from 21st January 2021 This course has been developed and designed with the idea that everyone is unique therefore our self-discovery and self-development will also be unique and different for everyone. It takes a holistic view and an in-depth look at, Getting to Know Your Mind, Body, Breathe and Energy and how each plays an important role on the journey of self-discovery and development. This course helps the individual to understand the importance of building your own unique Self-Care plan and how to implement healthy Boundaries with yourself and others. It is packed with tools, techniques, exercises, practices and worksheets which allows an individual to tailor their own journey of self-discovery and development at their own speed.

Note: Limited time only: Offers ends on the 28th of February 2021


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